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The Travel Column 2003-1-30

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We are pleased to bring you The Travel Column, written fortnightly for "The Trinidad Guardian"


This could possibly be the most important day of your professional career. Today’s presentation will win or lose the account that will bring millions of dollars to your company and launch you into partnership consideration.

After reviewing your checklist everything seems to be in order. The presentation is saved on your laptop and backed up on disk. Your suit is neatly pressed. Your demonstration materials are printed on top-quality paper and neatly bound. Nothing has been left to chance. As you begin your million-dollar presentation, the unthinkable happens. Your “state-of-the-art” laptop shuts down, leaving nothing but a blank screen on the overhead projector.

As your potential clients look on, you see this new account, your partnership opportunity and your career go down in flames.

Even though forgetting the charger to your laptop may not really result in the loss of a multi-million dollar account, similar oversights when packing for a business trip can result in major personal or professional setbacks.

Following a few simple guidelines will prevent oversights that can become major problems when traveling on business. The key to preparing for a business trip is proper organization.

Whether your trip is a last minute decision or something you’ve been planning for more than two weeks, you should have a packing check list. Keep a basic checklist on your computer or close at hand, which can be referenced each time you begin to plan your trip.

Your basic checklist should include a breakdown of toiletries, electronic equipment and chargers, clothing, airline ticket, car rental confirmation, hotel information and emergency information.

Before packing for any business trip, add items to your list that are specific to the upcoming trip. This would include specific paperwork, contracts or other materials.

Making a list prior to packing your suitcase is crucial. Anytime you’re rushed some kind of oversight is inevitable. Create a checklist before packing your things and check them off the list as each one is included.

It’s important to be a carry-on luggage passenger when traveling on business. It saves valuable time and prevents loss or damages. Most airlines allow one piece of carry-on luggage and one secondary bag the size of a briefcase or purse, that will fit below the seat in front. Utilize both pieces wisely.

When packing your main piece of carry-on luggage, use every available space. Rolling shirts, slacks and ties saves space and also prevents wrinkles.

If you’re carrying mostly hanging garments, we suggest using a garment bag as one of your carry-on items. This helps prevent wrinkled clothing and also provides space for the toiletry items needed during a business trip.

Leave your second piece of carry-on luggage for your cell phone, personal display assistant, laptop and chargers. This secondary piece of luggage, commonly a large purse, briefcase or office bag, often has room to carry personal items as well.

It’s best to keep your tickets, hotel and car rental reservations and any other information related to your trip together in an envelope labeled with the city and date of your trip. Any receipts you receive or additional information you collect during your travels can be included in the same envelope for future expense reports and references.

It is wise to keep this envelope along with two pieces of identification on your person or in an easily accessible place.

A kink in your travel plans can destroy an important business meeting, whether it may be a problem at your hotel, forgetting your lucky tie or losing a piece of luggage. Understand that planning is the key to your success, and follow these few basic guidelines to be better prepared.

Source: TravelHost
January 30, 2003


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